Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Are Hereby Served

Dear Written Word,

I'm sending you this letter with apologies that I've been so neglectful in communicating with you. Yes, it has been months since we have exchanged missives. It is my sincere hope that I haven't entered into ill regard with you; perceiving my increasingly sporadic and markedly pedestrian communications of late as indicative of a creeping onset of ambivalence regarding our relationship. I feel it is indicative on my part to re-establish that you and I share an inseparable nexus of origin that any Court could effectively affirm upon filing of a sworn affidavit that you and I are in fact, mortally incorporated. This finding of fact, I hope, will serve to put to rest any issues regarding our ongoing relationship.

So, formalities out of the way, how's it hanging? Have you swum among the ether where thoughts congeal from nebula dust? I must say that since adopting a prescriptive regimen of anti-depressants, I have been markedly unmotivated to open and respond to your correspondence. I think you know it goes without saying that the temporal dislocation caused by clinical depression, solipsism and the stresses of predatory, twenty-first century capitalism makes it prohibitively difficult to expend any already depleted reserves of soul energy to sincerely engage in any hailing.

Where do we stand? Given my current state, I imagine you are contemplating the same question. Are we indeed at a crossroads? What is the worth of continuing our mutual self preservation through an ongoing relationship? I ask this earnestly. Many things have visited us as of late. There is a spreading darkness within us both. If it is not addressed directly it will ensure our mutual destruction. What solution is to reached? We sit, facing each other on opposing ladders; each rung a threat begging escalation.