Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Am My Own Prison

I am an incompetent idiot,
a creatively bankrupt,
charismatically challenged,
amateur adult.
I am an unproductive citizen
who despises the accident of his birth.
I am a natural born follower,
mute in the presence of my betters
who outnumber me.
I am a disease,
existing in constant fear
of discovery and remedy.
I am a ventriloquist’s dummy,
propped up by hatred,
animated by jealousy,
voiced with self loathing.
I am my own prison.


Leirbag Sven Drawllim said...

I'm your cell mate then. I recognize this inner dialog- er rather soliloquy.

Jen Jewel Brown said...

Hmm ...tough. How about ravens then, as a complete aside?