Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The ocean's weather got blown off course.
I'm wearing it like a cold blanket,
on the porch,
watching its approach
from the south.

My fingers are numb and my face hurts.
It's good to feel something for a change.


SusuPetal said...

I agree, it's good to feel something for a change.
Being numb and living in a bubble has been my year. No sorrow, no happiness.
Filled with emptiness.
That's bad.

A.M. said...

I think it is a pity your words are relegated to this black page. You write so well; your words form perfect little poems worthy of a published volume. Perhaps someday. If not, thank you for continuing to post them here for our appreciation. I quite enjoy their poignancy and their force, though not necessarily the conditions of their production. I, too, am glad you are feeling something.